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Shared Space: We’re in it Together

We were founded with the belief that every space has a story to tell, and that data can be harnessed to help us understand that story. We see AI as a business enabler, and our team of world-class data scientists is dedicated to the vision of data guiding the way to smarter spaces. It’s complex work, but it’s a simple proposition. Data shouldn’t overwhelm us. It should empower us.

we’re driven by four core principles

Data can be utilized to achieve operational excellence.

Oversight and insight can coexist with personal privacy.

Our partners and integrators are critical to our product evolution.

Secure, safe, smart spaces are essential to our communities.


One of our 19 startups to watch in 2019, Armored Things, uses artificial intelligence to transform data into safety insights. It engages in technology, like cameras and smart door locks, that is already being used in venues to gather data to provide physical security. —BostInno