Armored Things Unveils New Branding

This past year, Armored Things has experienced tremendous growth. Our team hired 10 full-time employees, raised $5.5 million dollars in venture capital, and partnered with universities, stadiums, and companies around the country. Given these exciting events, we felt it was time to update our branding that better represents who we are and where we're headed.


As a security-focused company, it is important that our brand maintains a serious tone that reflects the trust our customers are putting in our team and company to keep their people and venues safe. Those who have gotten to know our team might also agree that there is a unique sense of excitement around how we accomplish our mission. Our team and vision are vibrant, bold, and edgy, and our brand should reflect the same. Bright and inclusive colors like the orange accents in our color palettes are essential to unveiling the fun, collaborative, diverse and open aspects of our culture that our old brand identity didn't capture.


Armored Things is developing innovative technologies that drive change across industries. For this reason, we have modernized our logo with new typography and a cleaner mark.


As part of our design overhaul, Armored Things updated all of our collateral to match our new look. This overhaul was part of an effort to create better experiences for our users and stakeholders across all digital platforms and mediums.

The unveiling of our new brand is just the beginning. Over the next year, we anticipate that our brand will continue to evolve as we enter an exciting period in our company's history. We can't wait to share more of these moments with our community in the upcoming months. We are so grateful for everyone's support!