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Crowd Intelligence

A new way of
seeing spaces

What is Crowd Intelligence? It’s a way of understanding how people utilize a campus, corporate office, sports complex — or any large venue — over time. It utilizes machine learning and proprietary algorithms to turn data into actionable intelligence. Crowd Intelligence has the ability to explore multiple data sources and surface a single view so siloed teams can share the same insights. It has the power to show you how to manage spaces in new ways.

Go Granular

The Armored Things solution delivers a common operating picture of people and movement in a campus or facility, through detailed live and historical heatmaps, visualizations and alerts on web-based dashboards and mobile apps. Density is provided by room, floor, building or area and the platform allows the monitoring of where people are throughout all covered spaces, and tracks changes in occupancy down to the room level.

or big picture

Armored Things maintains and displays historical records. With features such as our Occupancy Graph, Playback, Bookmark, and location comparison, our UI is designed to make it easy to review historical information. That makes it easier to understand how your space is utilized over time, and connect patterns in mobility and crowd movement data to space management decisions.

4-step deployment

Maps of the space
and information on
integrations are provided.

Edge computing resources
are provisioned.

Machine learning models
are trained and tuned for
the environment.

Easy-to-read analytics
for responding, planning
and reporting.

The ability to understand the flow of people in the venue equips us to stay one step ahead of their needs, deploy resources more intelligently, and optimize the event environment. —Michael Conley, CIO for the Cleveland Cavaliers & Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse

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