Bring data into every decision to drive results with conviction

The Armored Things Crowd Intelligence Platform unifies data from information silos to support data-driven decisions around operations and security. Our suite of analytics, reporting, and visualization tools helps our customers gain a real-time understanding of people and flow in their space.

Real-Time Data

Decipher your venue data with powerful and easy to understand visualizations. Use real-time information to drive efficiencies with a deeper understanding of people and flow throughout your venue down to the minute.

Actionable Insights

Unlock the potential of your data with predictive analytics about the use of your space. Use intelligent data to minimize risk and drive efficiencies for security, facilities, and IT stakeholders.

Smart Security Alerts

Minimize security risks with alerts that tell you which spaces need your attention and when. Scale and increase the efficiency of security personnel by simplifying your command center into one screen.

Venue Operations Reports

Identify historical trends to improve venue operations and management. Use trends to enhance decision making for the construction and re-allocation of space in existing buildings.

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