Intelligent Safety Insights

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Unlock Your Data Potential

The Armored Things platform builds on powerful ideas and proven technology to deliver a solution that fulfills its safety-critical mission under adverse conditions, and safeguards our customer information and investment.

Real-Time Monitoring

Increase Situational Awareness
and Improve Crowd Control

Know how many people are in one area, where they going, and at what pace. Get more visibility into your operation to streamline your security operations.

Anomaly Detection

Detect and Quickly
Respond to Threats

With Armored Things' intelligent software you can identify unusual behavior and alert operators before an incident reaches a critical point.

Predictive Analytics

Track and Optimize
Space Utilization

Know which spaces get the most use and when. Our software simplifies the decison making process by helping you make smarter and quicker decisions.

Integrated Into Your Systems

Our platform leverages devices and data already present in an environment to provide security personnel with detailed insights while protecting individuals privacy.

Video Surveillance
External Data Sources
Wireless Access
Mobile Notification
Smart Signage
Smart Lighting
Access Control
Shot Detection