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Facilities Teams are being asked to configure spaces an entirely new way. To do that, they need data. Our space analytics tracking software provides the decision points you need to staff libraries, open cafeterias, or reimagine underutilized office suites

Here’s four ways we could help your team today:

  • Improve utilization rates.
  • See real-time alerts for occupancy limits.
  • Bring validating data to the C-suite.
  • Provide predictive analytics for future state planning.

Smart space planning is possible with a simple software deployment from Armored Things.

4-step deployment

Maps of the space
and information on
integrations are provided.

Edge computing resources
are provisioned.

Machine learning models
are trained and tuned for
the environment.

Easy-to-read analytics
for responding, planning
and reporting.

The ability to understand the flow of people in the venue equips us to stay one step ahead of their needs, deploy resources more intelligently, and optimize the event environment. —Michael Conley, CIO for the Cleveland Cavaliers & Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse